AMD may introduce Gray Hawk APUs based on Zen Plus processor cores in 2019 The new manufacturing process was announced by Globalfoundries earlier this month , which will be installed at Fab 8 in Saratoga County, New York, thanks to a multi-billion dollar investment. The company will begin to attempt producing 7nm FinFET devices in 2018. Related: AMD to release three Vega graphic card chips in 2017, with Navi to follow in 2019 AMDs Gray Hawk APUs will feature up to four Zen Plus processor cores, up to eight threads (lanes), and a power requirement as low as 10 watts. These chips will include a graphics component based on AMDs Navi GPU architecture arriving after 2017s Vega graphics chips. As a comparison, the current Radeon RX 400 Series graphics cards on the market are based on the companys Polaris graphics chip. The upcoming Gray Hawk APUs will follow AMDs family of Raven Ridge APUs slated for the middle of 2017. this articleThe Gray Hawk chips will reportedly be the most versatile of AMDs APU portfolio to date, working in a number of different applications such as desktops, laptops, medical imaging, arcade gaming machines, and more. are expected to make a debut alongside AMDs Starship desktop processor in 2019 that will pack a hefty 32 cores and 64 threads. Heres a quick look at AMDs current and future APU roadmap: Bristol Ridge DDR4, HBM DDR4, HBM AMD is reportedly expecting to have products based on 7nm FinFET process technology on store shelves by 2020.

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